Friday, July 23, 2010

Bluegrass Festival in Stevenson, WA

We loaded up and took the camper out for its first long weekend.  Brian has a friend from mandolin orchestra that camps a lot with his trailer, so we met him at the Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival just on the other side of the river.

The festival was at the Skamania County Fairgrounds and was really well organized. We worried that we might have trouble finding Rich, but he said he'd have his flag up and we'd know it when we saw it, whatever that meant.  We shouldn't have doubted him.  We were definitely in the right place:

They had all the camping spots marked on the ground and we'd already reserved one next to Rich on the end.  We soon learned that being on the end meant Brian had to back down a loooong grass driveway of sorts to the spot and Brian did an incredible job (minus taking out a garbage can) of backing the trailer into a just-wide-enough space:

The weekend was fun.  The big boys (and girls) played lots of music and got to go to some concerts--and jammed until 3am!  The littlest boy and I had a blast watching Aaron learn to ride his bike at long last!  The very next day we biked up to the Columbia Gorge Museum, less than .25 miles away on a paved path right from the campground!  He was an old pro by the time Sunday rolled around.  Plus, that meant that Everett graduated to the Trail-A-Bike behind Brian.  And Mom was finally biking by herself! :)

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