Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 1: Crater Lake!

After a nice, uneventful 5-hour drive, we arrived at Crater Lake.  I have visited a couple times before and you never get tired of hearing yourself say, "Wow, it really is that blue...."  Seriously, this place is amazing.

The lake was created about 7500 years ago when the volcano Mt. Mazama erupted and then collapsed in on itself, making the crater which then filled with rain and snowmelt.  It is one of the clearest bodies of water in the world--and the deepest lake in the U.S.  Plus, it's on Oregon's quarter. :)

Geez, who dressed these yahoos?  Everett and his twin use binoculars to look for the Old Man of the Lake.  He's a log that has been floating vertically (yes, as in upright) in the lake for almost a hundred years!  We didn't spot him this trip, but Aaron asked a ranger who said he'd seen him on the far side of the lake about 3 days ago.  Maybe next time he'll float our way....

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